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Local Ambulance LGBT Networks

Each NHS Ambulance Service has a LGBT Network and a range of support mechanisms. In this section you can find out more about each network and how you can connect with them. Working with local networks we can also provide some information about other local services and support mechanisms.

South Western Ambulance Service

SWASfT LGBT staff network


Val Nash
Operations Officer

Deputy Chairperson

Tom Wing

Trust Support Provider

Amy Beet

Staff Network

We are in our infancy and have 56 members from a diverse staff network from all areas of the trust. The network is involved in the new Diversity and inclusion officer role

To promote inclusion and celebrate diversity for all staff, and improve the experience of our staff who may have any protected characteristic as covered within the Equality Act 2010. We now have director level support and have been given a DCA with decals to attend our Pride events

Additional Support

We have a staying well service which provides all kinds of support for our staff. We also have freedom to speak up guardians and peer support workers. We have an occupational health provider.

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