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Local Ambulance LGBT+ Networks

Each NHS Ambulance Service has a LGBT+ Network and a range of support mechanisms. In this section you can find out more about each network and how you can connect with them. Working with local networks we can also provide some information about other local services and support mechanisms.

The National Ambulance LGBT+ Network provides an overarching body for LGBT+ Networks in each NHS Ambulance Services. Over the last three years we have done a lot of work to bring representatives together from each Trust to look at how we can provide increased levels of support to a consistent standard in all areas.

Support Mechanisms

In addition to each Trust's LGBT+ Network there are a range of support mechanisms. These vary from Trust to Trust and you will find comprehensive information in our newly expanded Networks section. Most of our Ambulance Trusts are establishing Health and Wellbeing services and we will update on the services available as these are confirmed.


Mosts Trusts link with local Pride events and these are an excellent opportunity to meet staff from neighbouring services. Details of events that you can link with are all listed on the Events page.

Please note that some Pride events are starting to restrict the number of people that can attend. If a Pride event is not advertised on the Events page it may for this reason and is only available to staff from that region.









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