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National Ambulance LGBT+ Network

A partnership of UK Ambulance Services celebrating the sexual orientations and gender identities of all our patients, staff and communities.

Making a Difference to Patients

Find out how we are supporting ambulance services to deliver a better service for LGBT patients

Supporting Our Staff

The Network is embarking on a number of projects to ensure our staff are treated with dignity and respect. See some of the developing resources

Being Visible in Our Communities

Explore how services can make a positive impact on recruitment and staff morale by engaging in LGBT events in our communities

Supporting Mental Health

Within this section you will find information and resources to support good mental health and wellbeing of you and your colleagues.

Supporting Trans People

Explore a number of resources to increase awareness of trans issues amongst the ambulance workforce and offer practical advice on how we can improve.

Developing your Staff Network

We have a number of resources to help establish and improve effectiveness of staff networks.

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