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Volunteer Zone

This page is dedicated to the thousands of amazing volunteers who support our ambulance services.

Ambulance Volunteer Development Pack

Our resource for ambulance volunteers provides an overview of how we can work inclusively and provide support to LGBT+ people. Health inequalities are outlined as well as good practice guidance. The last section encourages empowerment and finding out about support services in the area you work in.

A Welsh language version is also available.


Links to Other Resources

Our website contains lots of useful information and this is available to volunteers. Here are some key links to additional resources.

We have three professional development resources available, and these are:

  • Understanding the + in LGBT+
  • The Ambulance Service Trans Toolkit
  • Providing Good Care to People Living with HIV

Click here to go to our Professional Development page.

Our Supporting Trans People z-card leaflet is celebrated for helping people understand the needs of transgender people, especially in emergency situations. It is designed to fit into your pocket and can be downloaded and printed from our website. This resource is available in English, Welsh and Polish.

Click here to go to our Supporting Trans People Z-card Leaflet page.


Keeping in Touch

Every month we produce a 15 Minute Read with informative topics linked to LGBT+ issues. We also include information about network events and things you can be involved with.

Click here to go to the 15 Minute Read page.

As well as our website, you can stay in touch by linking with us on social media. On Facebook we have a members account, and you will need to tell us which Trust you volunteer for to join this. Search National Ambulance LGBT+ Network.

You can follow us on Twitter and should search @NatAmbLGBTUK.


Attending LGBT+ Network and Pride Events

All our LGBT+ networks welcome volunteers to their events and you will be made very welcome. It is best to contact your local network to see what events they are planning. Contact information for each local network can be found on the Networks page.

Click here to go to the Networks page.

Between June and August is Pride season and most Trusts attend events in their area. Once again, you are welcome to join in and you should contact your local network for information.

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