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15 Minute Reads

Every month we release an information resource written by members of the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network committee.

January 2023 - Understanding LGBT+ Health Inequalities

In our first 15 Minute Read of 2023, committee member, Alex, updates our knowledge of LGBT+ health inequalities and we reveal the details of our next conference.

December 2022 - Towards Zero

Committee member, Adam, furthers his work on the HIV professional development by looking at the Towards Zero strategy that aims to massively reduce HIV infections by 2030.

November 2022 - 'This is Me'

Timed to coincide with Trans Day of Remembrance on 20 November, our Trans Experience Lead, Steph, talks about her journey transitioning whilst working in the ambulance service.

October 2022 - The Importance of the Rainbow

Two of our committee members, Katie and Caroline, look at why the LGBT+ rainbow flag is important for representation and breaking down barriers in healthcare settings.

September 2022 - The Road to Recovery

Network Chair, Alistair, writes about his experience recovering from the pandemic and highlights a mental health framework and continuum that can offer support.

Next edition: Perspectives

Something different for LGBT+ History Month, committee members Tony and JP look at life as an LGBT+ person from different generation. The question is, do all LGBT+ people think the same or do experiences in your past shape your future thinking?

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