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Rainbow and Trans Star of Life Logos

The rainbow and trans star of life symbols are registered trade marks of the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network. Find out more about how they were created and what they mean.

The Rainbow Star of Life

The symbol we use today has its origins within Yorkshire Ambulance Service. In 2011, whilst the emerging LGBT+ staff network took part in the Stonewall Health Champions programme, the logo was invented to publicise its activities. If anyone needs reminding how resourceful people can be, those present at the development day recount how a rough drawing was turned into a proper graphic after a few calls to graphic designer friends!

In 2016 the symbol was adopted by the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network and takes pride of place on every piece of work produced. The rainbow star of life symbol is a fusion of the internationally recognised symbol of pre-hospital emergency care and the rainbow flag representing the LGBT+ community.

Today you will see ambulances decked out with the symbols for Pride events, staff proudly wearing pin badges whilst going about their work and a number of developing resources all displaying this sign.

The Trans Star of Life

During the development of the Network it has become increasingly obvious that the issues associated with LGB are different from those of the 'T' element. The National Ambulance LGBT+ Network is working with Ambulance Trusts and other organisations to develop some resources to deal with health inequalities of trans people.

A large proportion of this is looking at how we can increase the confidence of clinical staff who may deal with a trans person during their work. Very often the ‘fear of getting things wrong’ inhibits people and this is easy to deal with by simple awareness raising. There is already some excellent guidance information available and we aim to showcase this in our activities, including our conferences, and also here on our website.

The second element, however, is making sure our trans colleagues are understood and supported alongside everyone else. Again, this about awareness raising and also ensuring policies and guidance are in place to make a difference.

To demonstrate our support for trans people, in 2017 we have launched the trans star of life.

Using the Rainbow and Trans Star of Life Logos

A proactive authorisation is given for all NHS Ambulance Services to use the rainbow, trans and bisexual logos to promote their LGBT+ Networks and develop resources to improve patient care and support staff. This applies to documentation, presentations and other resources.

All non-NHS Ambulance Services and other organisations must get written approval to use one of the star of life logos. To do this you should write to the Network Chair or Deputy Chair stating full details of where the logo is to be used.

Because the rainbow star of life is the logo of the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network, permission may be refused if it’s use is likely to conflict with the Network’s identity guidance or there is likely to be a negative reputational impact. The registered logos, and any products incorporating it, must never be used for any profit or financial gain.

Click here to view our Branding Guidance document.


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