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Our LGBT Timeline

Have a look at our timeline below to discover some of the important legislative changes that have happened in the last fifty years and also some of the landmark events for the National Ambulance LGBT Network.

The National Ambulance LGBT Network was established in 2015 and, in the first three years, has made a big impact on the culture of ambulance services across the United Kingdom and even beyond. Today you will see many ambulance staff wearing the rainbow star of life badge indicating they are a safe person for their patients and colleagues.

  • 2022

    Post-pandemic, we relaunched as the National Ambulance LGBT+ Network at an event in Sheffield. We introduced a smart new identity incorporating elements of the Progress Flag.

  • 2020

    To coincide with our fifth birthday we launched two new professional development resources aimed at improving staff confidence and helping to provide a better experience to patients. The two resources are linked to trans people and people living with HIV.

  • 2019

    Our Recipe for Wellbeing book is launched at our fourth conference in Birmingham.

  • 2019

    The largest rainbow star of life so far produced appears on a vintage ambulance at York Pride

  • 2018

    Two new resources, supporting ambulance staff when working with trans patients and another promoting good mental health, are launched at the third National Ambulance LGBT Network conference in Manchester in August.

  • 2018

    National Ambulance LGBT Network website launched in January

  • 2016

    First National Ambulance LGBT Network conference held in Brighton

  • 2015

    National Ambulance LGBT Network established

  • 2014

    First same sex couple marriages took place in the summer

  • 2004

    Civil partnerships introduced for same sex couples, offering the same legal rights

  • 2003

    Made illegal to discriminate in the workforce on the grounds of sexual orientation

  • 2000

    Government lift the ban of gay people in the armed forces

  • 1990

    Lesbian and Gay Police Association established

  • 1972

    First Pride March in London

  • 1967

    The Sexual Offences Act was changed to decriminalisation consenting acts between two men over the age of 21. It took ten years to get this change invoked by Parliament

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