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Professional Development

In July 2020 we launched our first two professional development resources, aimed at tackling some of the health inequalities for LGBT people and ensuring ambulance staff provide the best service they can. Partnering with our friends at CPDme these resources are accrediated and can contribute to your professional development portfolios.

The Ambulance Service Trans Toolkit

This professional development resource comprises four books of information. The first three are desisgned to help you understand the lives of transgender people and then apply this knowldege to patient facing situations and working with staff who are transitioning. The first three books have sets of confirmation questions which help to gain your CPD credit.

The fourth book is for interets and includes information about transgender people in the media and sport and how transgender people are recognised around the world. Also in the final book you will find a whole host of references and links in case you want to find out more. There are no confirmation questions for this book.

The Books

Confirmation Questions

The questions shown here for Books 1 to 3 are the same as those to gain your professional development credit on the CPDme site. 

Link to CPDme

Click here to link to the CPDme website to continue your professional development.

Additional Resources

This additional activity can be used alongside Book 1 of The Ambulance Service Trans Toolkit.

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