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Making a Difference to Patients

The National Ambulance LGBT Network is working on several projects to improve the response Ambulance Services provide to our patients.

We know that LGBT people face inequalities in health care; whether that’s having services that are tailored or made available, or by poor past experiences which impact on accessing support.

By the nature of ambulance service work we see people often in a time of absolute distress, or where they might feel there is nowhere else to turn. Imagine this being compounded by a fear of how you will be treated, just because you are a LGBT patient.

By working to ensure LGBT patients receive excellent care, this work stream will seek to set a standard across all UK ambulance Trust areas so that patients know that they are in a safe space when attended to by us. Additionally, ambulance staff will be empowered to know how best to recognise, support, and signpost LGBT patients who might have more specific or complex needs in the prehospital environment.

The ambulance service has changed dramatically over recent years, and we must continue to ensure our approach to care continues to meet the challenges faced by LGBT patients and the staff who will care for them.

Alex Ewings

Alex Ewings
Patient Experience Lead

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