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Supporting Our Staff

The National Ambulance LGBT Network is working on several projects to improve the working lives of LGBT staff.

International Women's Day

On the 8 March every year it is International Women's Day. In 2019 we are celebrating this with a resource pack that looks at some research and gender inequalities, and also profiles some inspriational LGBT women from sports, entertainment, politics and also the Ambulance Service.

International Women's Day 2019 Resource Pack


Understanding the 'B' in LGBT

As we have got more involved in setting up support mechanisms for LGBT people in the Ambulance Service, it has become increasingly apparent that there are differing needs for each letter within LGBT.

This pack is our first stage of raising awareness of the issues and discriminations experienced by bisexual people. Inside this informative resource you will find out the origins of the bisexual flag, how we can provide better support to bisexual people and event debate the meaning of the film Brokeback Mountain.

Many of the issues discussed in this pack are also relevant to patients, so this resource is well worth a read to complete your knowledge of everything 'LGBT'!

Understanding the 'B' in LGBT Resource Pack


Stay Connected

We want to make all staff aware of the National Ambulance LGBT Network and the support and resources it offers. You can download and print our 'Stay Connected' poster using the link below. The poster includes our website address together with Facebook and Twitter links.

'Stay Connected' Poster

You can also order printed copies of the poster by contacting the nominated representatives for your Trust.

Freedom to Speak Up Guardians

An independent review into creating an open and honest reporting culture in the NHS was published in February 2015. The aim of the review was to provide advice and recommendations to ensure that NHS staff feel it is safe to raise concerns, confident that they will be listened to and the concerns will be acted upon.

Ambulance Trusts are committed to developing an open and honest culture, where staff can speak out about concerns regarding unsafe patient care, staff safety and concerns of public interest. The National Ambulance Network of Freedom to Speak Up Guardians is working to ensure all ambulance staff feel confident that their concerns are welcomed, taken seriously, investigated and responded to quickly.

More information about Freedom to Speak Up can be found here:

Every NHS Ambulance Trust has a Freedom to Speak Up Guardian who is responsible for giving staff a voice and helping to ensure support mechanisms are in place. This includes supporting LGBT colleagues and Guardians can connect you with all the options available.

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Contact List