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LGBT Let's Get Better Together Programme

Our new LGBT 'Let's Get Better Together' programme begins in 2018. The aim is to ensure NHS ambulance staff are able to openly identify as LGBT and have access to the same level of support regardless of where they work in the United Kingdom. This three-stage programme will be supported by a dedicated Programme Lead.

Programme Overview

This document outlines the mission for the 'Let's Get Better Together' programme and the three defined stages to developing Ambulance Trusts into LGBT inclusive employers. This programme will become the primary workstream of the National Ambulance LGBT Network in 2018 and 2019.

Programme Tracker

The aim of this document is to help individual LGBT Network’s track their progress with the ‘Let’s Get Better Together’ programme. The ten developments are those outlined in the ‘Establishing Your Staff Network’ pack and this document should be read together with this additional information.

This tracker provides a consistent way for networks to monitor their progress and also offers a way of reporting within individual Ambulance Trusts.

A Powerpoint version of this document is available from the Network's Chair and 'Let's Get Better Together' Programme Lead.

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