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National Ambulance BME Forum

Our colleagues at the National Ambulance BME Forum are currently putting the finishing touches to their website. Until this is ready we are delighted to provide a space where you can find information and resources about this important network.


The National Ambulance Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Forum is committed to:

  • Advancing race equality across the ambulance sector.
  • Supporting BME staff.
  • Improving the experiences and outcomes of BME patients.

The committee comprises members from each of the UK Ambulance Trusts.


Contact Information

You can contact the Chair and Deputy Chair of the National Ambulance BME Forum using the links below:

Social Media

You can follow the National Ambulance MBE Forum on Twitter using the link: @NatAmbBME


Ramadan Guidance

The first resource from the National Ambulance BME Forum is a comprehensive guide to Ramadan for ambulance staff. It includes important information about interacting with patients and what interventions should be avoided if at all possible. The document also explores the impact on staff working through Ramadan and how managers can provide effective support.

Ramadan Guidance Document


Conference 2018

The first National Ambulance BME Forum Conference was held in October 2018 at the NHS Leadership Academy in Leeds. The title of the conference was 'Why it is important to talk to white people about race'. Guest speakers at the event included:

  • Helen Bevan - Chief Tranformation Officer at Horizons Group, NHS England
  • Yvonne Coghill  - Director of Workforce Race Equality Standard Implementation from NHS England
  • Yvonne Ormston - Chief Executive of North East Ambulance Service
  • Chris Long - Chief Executive of Hull and East yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Pam Brown - Head of Diversity and Inclusion from West Midlands Ambulance Service

We have included some photographs from the event below.

For more information about the National Ambulance BME Forum Conference 2019, visit our Events page.