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Being Visible in Our Communities

The National Ambulance LGBT Network is working on a number of projects designed to improve the visibility of LGBT staff within the service and promote Ambulance Services as inclusive employers.

In 2018 more ambulance staff have attended Pride events around the country than ever before. Taking part in these events is vitally important as it demonstrates our services are inclusive employers and celebrates the diversity of our workforces.

One of the major benefits of having a National Ambulance LGBT Network is bringing people together from around the country. As well as our annual conference, we have seen staff crossing boundaries to take part in Pride events in neighbouring services. Brighton still held the top spot for attendance in 2018 with almost 180 staff taking part. Birmingham and Manchester have seen a significant growth in numbers and many smaller regional events have seen the Ambulance Service take part for the first time.

Let's not forget why taking part in Pride events is so important. Whilst many legal rights are now equal, changing people's attitudes takes much longer. In 2018 there was an increase in homophobic incidents and 45%* of ambulance staff reported experiencing negative behaviours from colleagues and patients. We still have work to do to make our services truly safe places for LGBT people.

* National Ambulance LGBT Network Staff Survey 2018

Jonny Holmes

Jonny Holmes
Visible in Communities Lead

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