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15 Minute Read

Every month we will be identifying one information pack for you to read and increase your awareness of LGBT issues. This, combined with our hashtag #InformedCare, aims to make our services more inclusive for LGBT patients and staff.

2019 Editions

December 2019 - Our Top LGBT Films

With Christmas just around the corner we thought it is a good time to think about some of the top LGBT films that are out there. It may be time to add a few of these to your present list if you are struggling for ideas.

November 2019 - Strictly... Our November Update

With World AIDS Day on the horizon and recent groundbreaking dances on Strictly Come Dancing, we explore some of the current issues.

We also recommend all ambulance clinicians update their knowledge and read the updated Providing Good Care to People Living with HIV resource pack. It is definitely not a 15 Minute Mead, but a very important subject for people to familiarise themselves with. A link to the updated pack is included below.

October 2019 - Conference 2019 Review

Following on from our fourth conference in Birmingham, we have put together a review which includes photographs and reflections from people that attended. In a separate document you can also read all about the 2019 Gold Star of Life Award nominees.

October 2019 - Celebrating Black History Month

October is Black History Month and to celebrate this, our colleagues in the National Ambulance BME Forum have produced a fascintaing pack which looks at landmark events, famous faces and some of our heroes. Be sure to make a cup of tea and settle down to read this new resource.

September 2019 - There's No Place Like Home?

This month we have a guest writer, Pam Brown from West Midlands Ambulance Service, writing about the impact of people not feeling safe at home when outside strangers step into it. In the Ambulance Service we have a lot to learn from organisations, like HouseProud, who have made it their mission to let people know they support LGBT people and no-one has to hide their true identity. Well worth a read.

August 2019 - Our Wellbeing Framework

With this increasing focus on wellbing and resilience, it seems like a good time to look at how this works from the persepctive of LGBT ambulance staff. As well as setting out a new framework we consider how mindfulness can help deal with the stresses we face.

Also this month, the Chief Executive's of every United Kindgom NHS Ambulance Service have signed a pledge which commits to improving the mental health and wellbeing of ambulance staff. You can read the full pledge below.

July 2019 - The Meaning of Pride

This pack looks at the changing significance of Pride events over the last 30 years, based on the experiences of people who have attended them.

June 2019 - What if the Importance of Staff Networks?

Responding to feedback in last year's staff survey, this information pack looks at the purpose and importance of staff network.

May 2019 - Celebrating IDAHOBIT Day

Our first information pack looks at what IDAHOBIT Day, which is celebrated on 17 May each year, is and why it is important to LGBT people across the world.

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