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15 Minute Read

Every month we will be identifying one information pack for you to read and increase your awareness of LGBT issues. This, combined with our hashtag #InformedCare, aims to make our services more inclusive for LGBT patients and staff.

July 2019 - The Meaning of Pride

This pack looks at the changing significance of Pride events over the last 30 years, based on the experiences of people who have attended them.

'The Meaning of Pride' Information Pack


June 2019 - What if the Importance of Staff Networks?

Responding to feedback in last year's staff survey, this information pack looks at the purpose and importance of staff network.

'What is the Importance of Staff Networks?' Information Pack


May 2019 - Celebrating IDAHOBIT Day

Our first information pack looks at what IDAHOBIT Day, which is celebrated on 17 May each year, is and why it is important to LGBT people across the world.

'Celebrating IDAHOBIT Day' Information Pack