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The National Ambulance LGBT Network was created in August 2015 with the purpose of bringing together all NHS Ambulance Service LGBT staff networks, as well as providing an overarching support body and promoting equity across the United Kingdom

Will Bellamy

Will Bellamy

Committee Member

Head of Operations, South East Coast Ambulance Service

Will's ambulance career started at the age of 18 when he left the family home in Cambridgeshire after coming out to his parents, who struggled to accept his news. He had an interview for Surrey Ambulance Service and checked into a Travelodge, not knowing anyone, to embarked on his training.

Once he completed his initial training on Patient Transport Service he moved over to control services prior to starting his Paramedic degree in 2008. Following the creation of South East Coast Ambulance Coast, he moved from Surrey to Kent. Will has had a variety of roles, starting at grass roots level he has worked up to the position of Head of Operations. Will can be still be found doing operational shifts on the emergency ambulances.

Will has continued to study to achieve a Foundation Degree in Paramedic Practice and is now working towards an Masters degree in Health Care Leadership.

Will was one of the founder members of the National Ambulance LGBT Network in 2015. He is also Chair of his Trust's LGBT Network.