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The National Ambulance LGBT Network was created in August 2015 with the purpose of bringing together all NHS Ambulance Service LGBT staff networks, as well as providing an overarching support body and promoting equity across the United Kingdom

Steph Meech

Steph Meech

Trans Experience Development Lead

Specialist Paramedic, South East Coast Ambulance Service

Steph joined the Sussex Ambulance Service in 2002 as an Ambulance Technician before qualifying as a Paramedic in 2005. Sussex Ambulance Service then merged with Kent and Surrey Ambulance Services to become South East Coast Ambulance Foundation Trust. Steph qualified as a Paramedic Practitioner in 2015 and then passed her Specialist exams later the same year to become a Specialist Paramedic.

Steph is a member of SECAmb's Diversity Champions network and passionate in supporting and encouraging our diverse patients and staff. She lead SECAmb's entry at Trans Pride in 2016 and established a presence ever since. In 2017 Steph was voted in as Vice Chair of 'Pride in SECAmb' the Trust's LGBT Network supporting Will Bellamy the Chair of the network.

Steph is very excited about joining the National Ambulance LGBT Network and feels that this can only benefit the staff and patients of all Trusts as the Network provides advice and support on different issues. Steph is extremely proud to be asked to lead the networks project on Supporting Transgender Staff.