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The National Ambulance LGBT Network was created in August 2015 with the purpose of bringing together all NHS Ambulance Service LGBT staff networks, as well as providing an overarching support body and promoting equity across the United Kingdom

Jonny Holmes

Jonny Holmes

Community Visibility Development Lead

Paramedic, East Midlands Ambulance Service

Jonny joined the ambulance service in 2007 an an Emergency Care Assistant after becoming interested in the Paramedic role through volunteering with in the British Red Cross.

In 2009 Jonny progressed to Emergency Medical Technician and then completing his Paramedic training and registered in 2011. Since that time he have undertaken further roles as a Clinical Support Manager but has recently returned to front line work.

Jonny is currently focussing on establishing, and Chairing, the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) LGBT Network, as well as representing EMAS on the National Ambulance LGBT Network committee.